We believe in sharing our innovations & creativity

Our Pay It Forward sharing model means we give non-exclusive, royalty free rights to our BlueVector library this allows us to deliver our solutions faster and means you never need to pay us to recreate the wheel. Access to our library, means you agree to Pay It Forward to future customers and allow us to share components we create for you with them.


Most BlueVectors come with installation instructions and some supporting user documentation. These will be updated for your environment


Quality Assurance

All Blue Vectors have been unit tested. System and integration testing will be included with implementation services


Source Code

Most Blue Vectors will include source code allowing you to maintain and evolve the code without our ongoing involvement

Reusable Building Blocks


Reusable components to accelerate Google Cloud implementations for Healthcare & Government agencies. All assets are free of charge to BlueVector AI customers and come with a common reference architecture allowing them to “snap in in place” with each other.

Code Repositories 

Code snipets or full applications solving common government business challenges using GCP


Full application solutions including underlying OS and Dependencies in

self contained units

API Service

Reusable APIS and web services of common government features and



Accelerate custom applications with database schemas of common government domains


System diagrams outlining best practices of common use cases for the public sector

Data Sets

Popular government datasets created by Google, BlueVector and others