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BlueVector.AI is a Google Cloud consultancy delivering
AI-powered solutions for Government and Healthcare

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As a specialty firm our team, tools and process are fine tuned for your Google Cloud AI and Mobile Application success.


We work with State and Local governments to deliver citizen-centered government solutions that reduce cost and increase productivity.


Unlock the true value of your healthcare data by bringing it to advanced analytics and machine learning solutions.
Dedicated to advancing the lives of millions

Theres a reason we only do work in government and healthcare so we can ensure we are helping those who need it most. Many government and healthcare agencies still run on manual systems which are highly susceptible to backlog. Through the power of AI we can automate business processes allowing funding and resources to be distributed quicker and more efficiently.  


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We create innovative solutions by thinking outside the box.
Our Pay It Forward sharing model means we give non-exclusive, royalty free rights to our BlueVector library this allows us to deliver our solutions faster and means you never need to pay us to recreate the wheel. Access to our library, means you agree to Pay It Forward to future customers and allow us to share components we create for you with them.

Modernize Service Delivery

Deliver resident-led innovations across government and healthcare agencies to improve constituent services and engagement

Create Culture of Innovation

Our products enhance productivity and collaboration, enabling workers and IT teams to drive innovation

AI and Cloud Guides

Our team understands how to apply AI & Cloud technologies in practical ways to provide more efficient  services

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Google Cloud Technology

We only do one thing: Build great applications on Google Cloud. As a specialty firm our people,
tools and process are fine tuned for your Google Cloud AI and Mobile Application success.

Client satisfaction is always top of mind


    Housing Assistance

    A custom application to expedite the entire process application process allowing fund to be distributed quicker than ever before. In addition to the application, dashboards have been provided to enable easy reporting and treasury guideline compliance.


    Vital Records

    A low-cost, advanced virtual agent to assist in answering frequently asked questions. Using our virtual agent, citizens can ask questions by either visiting the website and typing their questions into the chatbot or by calling into the existing Vital Records phone number. The agent is intuitive and can be updated whenever needed.


    Child Care

    In April 2021 the Biden Administration announced the release of $39 billion of American Rescue Plan funds for states, territories, and tribes to address the child care crisis caused by COVID-19. These funds will provide a lifeline to hundreds of thousands of child care providers and early childhood educations, provide a safe and healthy learning environment for more than 5 million children, and help parents, especially mothers, get back to work.

    As a speciality firm our team, tools and process are fine tuned to develop citizen focused solutions. 

    “The Immunization Ordering app has really helped streamline our process and the response of this app has been very positive from our local health departments.”


    Our Partners

    Award Winning Solutions
    In collaboration with Google Cloud, we have developed and implemented solutions solving  some of the industries leading problems, earning two of the six Google Customer Awards for Government.