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Google + Fitbit

We’re moving to support patients and providers alike through the collection and integration different data sources in order to build the future of clinical healthcare analytics. Through the use of Google Cloud Platform we are able to develop an interoperable data driven solution that will allow us to uncover insights and better understand our different patient population.
An Interoperable Clinical Platform

Big Query

Fitbit Devices


Integrating Fitbit data with Google Cloud
to provide better health analytics

Leveraging the tools available through the Google Cloud platform could help support patients like never before. Integrating
patient EHR and Fitbit Health & Wellness data we will be able to derive and provide actionable insights into what leads to
patient success. Better understanding what behavior and lifestyle patterns lead to postoperative success, this can drive the
development of nudges and reminders encouraging patients to adopt these behaviors to support better outcomes.


Join together patient app data and Fitbit health and wellness data.


Leverage BigQuery, AI Notebook, Vertex Ai, to service population health insights.


Harmonize the data so it can be used for analytics and machine learning solutions.


Leverage AI learnings to continuously improve behavioral nudges. Share behavior trends with bariatric care managers via looker dashboards.


Patients: Improve outcomes from the bariatric process for the patient

Payers: Reduce costs for the payer by optimizing the care based on data driven analytics; predict outcomes, identify potential issues early; qualify success at the start of the process


Patients: Set expectations and provide instant feedback based on lifestyle options and allow patients to optimize their own recovery

Payers: Improve success rates and optimize costs for patients and provide visibility into the variables which affect long term patient care

The power of Google
Stream Data

Leverage streaming and preprocessing with Dataflow, scalable analytics with BigQuery, pre-built and custom modeling with Vertex AI.

Integrate and Harmonize

Bring clinical, operational, and financial data together. Use healthcare-aware transformations to prepare data for analysis. Accelerate the time to insights to answer specific business questions.

Visualize and Analyze

Google driven tools such as Looker and Data Studio are used to build analytics platforms to support both patients in life and providers in the OR.

End-To-End Analytics

Get complete information about the patient population. Better understand your patient population and what drivers them to succeed in and out of the OR.

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