Emergency Preparedness & Response

Emergency Rental Assistance

Unpaid rent in the United States is estimated to be between $34 billion to $70 billion. With increasing debt, Congress approved $25 billion to assist those unable to pay rent or utilities due to COVID-19. We have created an Emergency Rental Assistance solution to ensure funds are getting distributed to the right people., as quickly as possible.

Reduced application processing time by 40%
Increased weekly service delivery capacity by 37%
Created a transformation model that helps struggling agencies nationwide

Solution Technology

Contact Center AI

CCAI is changing how agencies interact with their constituents. We can build fast and flexible AI agents to automate call centers and make existing websites more interactive.


Document AI

Extract text, form fields and graphics to relieve bottlenecks in Government forms processing. We have tools to accelerate the integration of Document AI in agencies systems.



A data and analytics platform that makes it easy to find, explore and unlock data. We are building reusable Looker blocks for common government use cases.


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Creating a custom application for ERAP services with no data integrity issues that is scalable to achieve their desired throughput of accepted claims. Migrating and cleaning claims from previous system that was unworkable due to data integrity issues

Customer Success


“Speed and accuracy are top priority in all of our solutions. In order to ensure we are giving the best quality work we have a Pay It Forward sharing model. This means we give non-exclusive, royalty free rights to our BlueVector library this allows us to deliver our solutions faster and means you never need to pay us to recreate the wheel”