Improve output by merging inventory

SKU Optimization


Analyze SKU level material cost of goods of inventory


Determine regional utilization to optimize inventory allocation


Predict SKU level components use

Solution Details

Analysis and management of SKU-level inventory on a national scale. This solution leverages a series of connected Looker dashboards to give stakeholders the ability to assess the use of different tools across sales regions and areas. The use case of this solution was built around a surgical kit model, meaning surgeons have the ability to pick which SKU-level tools they would like to have for surgery. This can lead to a disparity in tool use and the composition of surgical kits across inventory warehouses. Looker dashboards are leveraged to give stakeholders an easy-to-use and simple interface to assess tool use and different kit compositions across several different sales regions and their underlying sales areas to better manage SKU-level warehouse inventory allocation.

Leverage Google Cloud

Looker + BigQuery + Cloud Storage

Apply smart analytics to reduce SKU complexity, 
minimize inventory costs & regulatory burden,
and improve profitability

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